What would you wish for?

Check out one of the many shorts that we featured at EPISODE TWO of the BlackOut Mixer, titled ‘Waking Up Is The Worst Part Of My Day’…

Johnny Chew came all the way from Boston to LA, to talk about this hilarious piece. Apparently it was for school, but had nothing to do with the assignment! Great to meet you Johnny! Check out some of his stuff on ‘Vimeo’, he’s a pretty cool dude. Can’t wait to see more!

**Best Short at the 2010 Phoenix Fear Film Festival
Official Selection 2010 6th Annual Hollyshorts Film Festival
Official Selection The Horrorfind Film Festival Weekend 12
Official Selection Big Bear Horror Film Festival 2010
Official Selection Fuel The Fear Film Festival 2

Our own JC has a new tumblr account!! You can also check out his Award Winning Horror short!!


Blockhead is now available online for viewing and digital download for $.99. You Can view the entire short at openfilm

Trailer MSX: Catalepsy

(Source: vimeo.com, via violentfilmmaking)